mgkit.workflow.utils module

Utility functions for workflows

class mgkit.workflow.utils.CiteAction(option_strings, dest='==SUPPRESS==', default='==SUPPRESS==', help='Show citation for the framework')

Bases: argparse.Action

Argparse action to print the citation, using the mgkit.cite() function.

class mgkit.workflow.utils.PrintManAction(option_strings, dest='==SUPPRESS==', default='==SUPPRESS==', help='Show the script manual', manual='')

Bases: argparse.Action

New in version 0.2.6.

Argparse action to print the manual

mgkit.workflow.utils.add_basic_options(parser, manual='')

Changed in version 0.2.6: added quiet option

Adds verbose and version options to the option parser

mgkit.workflow.utils.cite_callback(ctx, param, value)
mgkit.workflow.utils.exit_script(message, ret_value)

Used to exit the script with a return value