New in version 0.2.3.

This module defines routine to access Pfam information using a network connection'id')

New in version 0.2.3.

Gets a dictionary with the accession/id/description of Pfam families from Pfam. This list can be accessed using the URL:

The output is a tab separated file where the fields are:

  • ID
Parameters:key (str) – if the value is id, the key of the dictionary is the ID, otherwise ID swaps position with ACCESSION (the new key)
Returns:by default the function returns a dictionary that uses the ID as key, while the value is a tuple (ACCESSION, DESCRIPTION). ID is the default because the hmmer2gff - Convert HMMER output to GFF script output uses ID as gene_id value when using the HMM provided by Pfam
Return type:dict